17 June, 2009


Good day for everyone!

I'm glad to present this blog for Partcover needs.
Here I'll try to respond to any Partcover question or topic.

Leave a comment here with question you want to be answered or covered

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  1. Hello, would it be possible to give as command line argument the cover.xml you want to open so that it is opened automatically when you launch the program?
    I tried to hack it into the source code, but it won't build because of a atlbase.h apparently... Damnit!

  2. Hello!
    I have problem when trying to call HTML View -> Report by Class. It looks like xslt file incorrect.

  3. Hi,

    I am using trying to use PartCover with MSTest.
    My TestLibrary refers to application config file (TestLib.dll.config in output dir).
    When I use "/noisolation" option with MSTest.exe, the coverage is calculated but it MSTest.exe fails to let my test library access its config file. Application config loads MSTest.exe.config since "/noisolation" makes it run all tests within "MSTest" process itself.
    If I do not use "/noisolation" option, PartCover can not calculate the coverage.

    Can you please resolve this issue and make PartCover calculate the coverage using MSTest.exe without "/noisolation" option?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hello, I’ve been trying to integrate PartCover into my CruiseControl builds (not cc.net).

    It looks like the xslt files are out of date in release 2.3 but I think I managed to update them to match the new format - but in verifying against the PartCover browser results are inconsistent.

    For example, why does the PartCover browser report this method as 100%?

    Method name="foo" sig="void (bar)" bodysize="43" flags="0" iflags="0"
    pt visit="2" pos="0" len="1" fid="7" sl="105" sc="9" el="105" ec="10"
    pt visit="2" pos="1" len="10" fid="7" sl="106" sc="13" el="106" ec="37"
    pt visit="2" pos="11" len="3"
    pt visit="2" pos="14" len="1" fid="7" sl="107" sc="13" el="107" ec="14"
    pt visit="2" pos="15" len="14" fid="7" sl="108" sc="17" el="108" ec="38"
    pt visit="2" pos="29" len="1" fid="7" sl="109" sc="13" el="109" ec="14"
    pt visit="2" pos="30" len="1" fid="7" sl="110" sc="9" el="110" ec="10"

  5. Hi

    I have written a PartCover integration for VisualStudio. At the moment it is quite rudimentary, but it works. Are you interested to integrate it in your setup?


  6. Please write some instructions for using PartCover, along with an introduction to explain the purpose of PartCover. There is very little information in the manuals.

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if I could get some information on how partcover retrieves coverage details? As I am trying to integrate partcover with typemock and I am not able to retrieve any coverage details from the tests that typemock have run.

    I have posted a more detailed explanation here:


  8. Hi,
    i am trying to use partcover. While 'Start' it asks for 'You should include at least one rule in report' What is means>?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Documentation would be quite useful for this project. A sample of how to use the application.
    If there is one and I missed, sorry.

  10. Is it possible to integrate PartCover with Hudson? It would be great to be able to get these code coverage metrics in our hudson CI builds.


  11. Yes, I agree. Is there anyway we can get PartCover support for Hudson? Maybe transform the report files to another format already supported by Hudson? Anything to get the PartCover coverage report into the Hudson system.

  12. Are there plans to update this for CLR 4.0? There's a big opportunity to get users who are being forced off NCover 1.5.8 as it doesn't support 4.0...

  13. Just upgraded to the latest 2.3, but I can't seem to get it working. I'm using PartCover with mspec and it is running the tests, but doesn't seem to be connecting to the process or something. Here is the output:

    open driver pipe
    modify target environment variables
    create target process
    wait for driver connection

    Specs in SomeProject.Specs:

    [output from mspec snipped]

    Contexts: 5, Specifications: 5
    <PartCoverReport date="2010-06-06T21:35:05.5970715-05:00" />

    Any clues?

  14. Hi All

    Please raise any issues on SourceForge as this blog appears to have been abandoned.

    New version of Partcover available and now supports .NET 4.0

  15. Hello, I'm trying to use Selenium and PartCover and i dont know how.
    Could you tell me how can I do?


  16. Will PartCover work for ASP.Net web application for doing code coverage? or its useful for only windows application?